BEE Novation helps businesses use legislation such as B-BBEE, Employment Equity and Skills Development to increase their profitability and fulfil their purpose, mission and vision.

We have a footprint in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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About Us

BEE novation is a consultancy specialising in transformation services. Our consultants calculate your BBBEE scorecard and prepare a comprehensive BEE report to be used by directors as a management tool. It can also be seen by customers who are interested in your progress.

We have a Scorecard database containing over 65 000 suppliers’ BEE Certificates. Where the data is not available our contact centre can call your suppliers to retrieve their BEE certificates.

We ensure you recoup recoverable BEE spend, avoid restructuring your business and add no unnecessary complications. We go through your existing documentation with a fine-toothed comb to find existing data that can enhance your BEE score, keeping the process as lean as possible. Contact us today to take your BEE hassles off your hands – leaving them free to run your business.

More About Us

You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself.
You wouldn’t build your dream home without expert advice.

Why go down the BEE road without expert support?

Our Clients

  • BAC Helicopters
  • Provimi
  • Global Manufacturing Solutions
  • Global Composites
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  • MAJ Petroleum

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