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BEE Novation is a consultancy specialising in transformation services. We’re obsessed with developing value-adding solutions to help businesses get back to what matters to them — the joy and purpose they were seeking when they started. In line with this obsession is an insistence on eliminating anything that stands between our clients and their goals. When those obstacles are out of the way, our client businesses can then think like Einstein, paint like Rembrandt and compose like Mozart. They get back to what they are and what they love.

When we help businesses comply with Broad-Based Economic Empowerment (in alignment with other legislation), we help ensure that instead of burdening the businesses, the outcome of those activities fuels those businesses’ day-to-day money-generating activities.

Note: you may be aware of drastic socio-political and statements we may have made to the media concerning the economy and other commercial matters. We are aware that it’s quite unconventional for business to interfere in such matters but being in the transformation space, we cannot stand by while the terrain in which our clients do business is tainted in the name of “radical economic transformation.” We know full-well that the purported ends to which the South African government effects cabinet reshuffles and nuclear power deals isn’t transformation because we know how the laws on transformation could be better-tweaked to achieve exactly the same ends without destroying our clients’ ability to function.

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Lee du Preez

Managing Director

Aviator | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist

060 000 BEE1 (2331)

In 2015, Lee was selected to participate in President Obama’s Mandela-Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders — an intense leadership and business development program.Since then,he’s forged strong trade linkages in the US and across Africa.

He’s also participated in Enactus Toronto, Johannesburg and Beijing World Cup events. Enactus uses entrepreneurship to help rural communities develop self-sustaining business solutions. Lee uses some of the same principles he uses as a member of the Enactus UKZN Business Advisory Board to apply BEE and help businesses enjoy sustainable profitability.

In his local community, he’s vice-chairman on the Board of the Pietermaritzburg Children’s Home where they groom 70 orphaned, abused and abandoned children for life by exposing them to the broader world so they never back down from enterprise. He believes if society doesn’t prepare underprivileged children this way, it won’t sustainably combat poverty while protecting economic growth—which are two sides of the same responsibility.

In this vein, he’s also on the Board of Business Fighting Crime, an organisation that supports Police and various other crime fighting organisations. Taking on these responsibilities is his way of ensuring the business environment remains conducive to sustainable economic growth.

Zibu Masotobe

Business Management Consultant

Coach | Business Management Consultant | Speaker | Author

Zibu has an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch, an MDP from UNISA’s School of Business Leadership, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science and Information Technology from the University of Zululand.

In 2015, she was selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow and met then-President Barack Obama, helping her strengthen her connections across the world and allowing her access to invaluable information on how global markets see South Africa

She’s received international recognition by, for example, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business as one of their Top 30 “Influential Leaders” in 2016, having received nominations from 22 countries. She serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Innovation Hub (a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency dedicated to identifying, developing and mentoring business innovation in South Africa) and uses her vast business experience to help us identify sectorial gaps on our clients’ behalf.

Francis Marimbe

Operations Manager

Coach | Business Management Consultant | Speaker | Author

Francis Marimbe is a Development and Research Expert who assists various organisations and companies grow and efficiently implement various programmes which bring sustainable economic transformation.

As BEE Novation’s Operations Manager, his role involves overseeing all of BEE Novation technical services and offering support to the consulting team. He is a PhD candidate in Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an Honours Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe.

Francis has twelve years’ experience in development work and four years in BEE consultancy. He has worked as a lead consultant, research assistant and has completed several consultancy projects for Companies, NGOs and Community Based Organisations in Southern Africa. He also has vast experience in organisational representation and development, facilitating mobilisation of funds, proposal development, grant management and policy formulation.

Donovan Hornsby

B-BBEE and Employment Equity Specialist

Transformation Guru

With 15 years of experience in Human Resource Transformation, Donovan has worked alongside Judges and Law Societies, conducting road shows for Law Society affiliated firms and providing technical input into the recommendations for the Draft Legal Scorecard.

He has an Organisational Psychology degree from Villanova State University in the U.S. and is currently completing his MBA at Business School Netherlands.

Donovan has vast experience in dealing with legislation assisting organisations on Skills Development and Employment Equity so as to achieve their transformation objectives.

Siya Khumalo

Communications And Commentary

Author | Speaker | Human

Siya Khumalo writes socio-political analyses and is the author of a memoir that delves into socio-political commentary titled, You Have To Be Gay To Know God (Kwela Books, April 2018). In 2019, the book made the longlist for the Sunday Times’ Alan Paton Literary Award, the shortlist for the UJ Debut Prize and won the Desmond Tutu-Gerrit Brand Literary Prize. He used to serve in the military and his role in the BEE Novation team is drawing out the socio-political aspects of transformation both for clients and the core business.


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