Business Management Consultancy

Business Management Consultancy Services

Our business management consultancy service can assist your organisation reach its fullest potential by:

  • Guiding management as it arrives at more advantageous decisions. This involves
  • Performing a gap analysis between the organisation’s current and its desired state, and then
  • Helping directors and management understand its: Stakeholders, Environment, Relevant Legislation, System options.
  • To leverage them more profitably and sustainably towards shifting the business from its current to its desired state.
  • This complements management’s sense of what the “time” is. We bring our skills and expertise into deciphering the context the organisation is operating in as well as its exposure to, for example, unrest. We realised there was a need for this service when we realized that management and labour sometimes “spoke past each other” at Employment Equity Committee meetings.

    We bring sector research knowledge to bear on improving management's timing towards opportunities, as well as helping organisation's proactively influence the ebb and flow of business opportunities through the “story” their activities tell their stakeholders about the company’s role in society.

    We do this using the laws whose jurisdiction clients fall under as a scaffolding for their strategy. What is often viewed as a burden or a tick-box exercise gets leveraged as an asset. This is why the BEE in BEE Novation being a ackronym not only for Black Economic Empowerment but also Business Evolution and Expansion.

    Contact us now for more information on how our business management consultancy service can strengthen your business’ growth plan.

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