4th October 2021

ANALYSIS | Business profitability depends on the socio-economic climate, and that depends on alleviating youth unemployment

This article (and an event being planned by BEE Novation) argues that we’ll need the business sector to leverage legislation like B-BBEE, Employment Equity as well as the Youth Employment Service Initiative to achieve inclusive […]
16th March 2021

The Young and The Restless: Why Every South African Business Needs to Think About Skills Development and Enterprise Development 

Economic resilience and stability depend on how frugally we work for B-BBEE Incentives Through Skills Development, Youth Employment Service and Enterprise Development, writes BEE Novation     A business owner reading a newspaper in late […]
8th March 2021

Five Reasons Why Actual Enterprise Development Can Save South Africa

Implemented well, Enterprise Development potentially addresses more nation-wide challenges than all other solutions combined because those problems begin and end with the economy.   As the below list of challenges and respective solutions demonstrates, our […]
10th February 2021

Is Compliance Businesses’ Biggest Challenge — Or Is It An Opportunity for a Win-Win Situation?

Lockdown challenged the governance compliance efforts of large businesses and informal traders alike.  What if the solution to both their problems is Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)?     Could a collaboration between transformation consultancy […]
11th November 2020

#Brackenfell: South Africa(n Businesses), We Need to Talk

An act of (real or perceived) racism anywhere can have devastating consequences for a whole neighbourhood, its business operations and its schools: this is the possibility implicit in the EFF’s statement that it will descend […]
9th November 2020

Relying on 20/20 Hindsight to Fix your 2020/2021 Employment Equity Submission?  Follow Our Proactive Checklist Instead

Employment Equity is evolving, which changes the scope of opportunities and risks associated with complying and failing to comply respectively.  The below questions aren’t an exhaustive summary of the requirements of the Act, nor of […]

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10th April 2017

#ZumaTradeOff: How We Can Beat Zuma at His Own Game

A Version of this Article was Published on Daily Maverick, among other places.  The President sold the country. To save our economy, we should return the favour by making him part of a trade-off between black people who […]
27th March 2018

Minimum Wage Bill Postponed

Minister of Labour announced last night that the signing into law of the National Minimum Wage Bill would likely be delayed for a period of five to ten weeks shy of the intended May Day […]
4th June 2020

BEE Novation Statement on Misquoted Webinar Guest, Dumisani Mpafa

BEE Novation notes the Politicsweb article titled, “Burning down the house to get rid of the white mice” by William Saunderson-Meyer, published May 22nd. It concerns the speech given at our webinar the previous day […]
2nd August 2020

Women’s Month Economics Question: Did Bheki Cele Associate Alcohol and GBV to Enforce Patriarchal Dominance?

A version of this article has been featured on platforms such as Daily Maverick.   The ir/rationality with which the country carries out transformation is the nexus of social, political and economic events.  When we […]
19th October 2020

Why Is Businesses Ignoring the Science About [Black] Women and Commercial Sustainability?

Insurance and aviation businesses take financial and technological risks because statistics about smoking habits and the efficacy of proven safety measures indicate that those risks will probably, over time, yield enough profit to justify what […]